Goodnow Farms Chocolate Putnam Rye Whiskey 77%

Goodnow Farms Chocolate Putnam Rye Whiskey 77%

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55 bottles of Boston Harbor Distillery’s distinctive “Putnam Rye Whiskey” was used to craft this Special Reserve chocolate, giving this bar an intense whiskey flavor like no other! Goodnow Farms started by steeping nibs from their award-winning Esmeraldas bar in whiskey for several days, which allows the nibs to absorb the complex flavor notes of the rye. Since chocolate and water don’t mix we then allow the nibs to dry completely before putting them in our stone grinders to create this incredible bar.For this bar they also fresh press their own single origin Esmeraldas cocoa butter. This exceptional step makes the bar exceedingly smooth & intensely flavorful… as well as truly single origin.

Sudbury, Massachusetts 

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