Honey, Jams & Preserves

Our extensive international collection of high-quality honeys are carefully selected offer our customers the best variety of flavor possible, ranging from flowery and fruity to earthy and rich.

Equally, our selection of spreads, preserves, jams, jellies and marmalades span the world, from our own backyard, Vermont, to England, France, Italy and Europe. Customers often find it hard to choose between trying some of the unusual and harder-to-find preserves, like our rose petal jams and jasmine jellies, or the more traditional ones, but rest assured there is something here for everyone.

We are currently working on updating our website to reflect our lovely selection of honeys, jams and preserves. In the meantime, please stop by our store, or contact us with any questions you have about our product offerings.

Some of the honeys and preserves we carry include, but are not limited to:

  • Attiki
  • Scandinavian Delights
  • Thursday Cottage
  • Svensk
  • Pure Vermont Honey
  • Langnese
  • Bar le Duc
  • Granja San Francisco
  • Ma Made
  • Tiptree

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