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The World of Gourmet Salt

Posted on 04/05/2013 at 04:1 pmby Cardullos
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Still reaching for that mammoth box of Kosher salt in your cupboard to season your food? Throw it away! (Okay, you don't actually have to throw it away, we just get a little excited...)

There's a whole world of salt out there, waiting to be discovered by your palette, waiting to transform and elevate the food you cook. Mark Bitterman, author of "Salted" and owner of gourmet shop The Meadow, which carries over 100 diferrent varieties of salt, has this to say: "People have a kind of eureka moment when they realize that something they have used every day and used the most is something they have left unexamined..." and "Your skill with salt is probably the single most important skill a chef has. Yes, seasoning properly is actually vital to the proper taste of food. It's true that the only thing worse than oversalting food is undersalting food."

Much of the appeal of many of the artisinal salts on the market comes from the unique flavor and aroma produced from where the salt forms naturally, also known as 'Terrior'. Much like wine, where a salt is from can tell you a lot about how it will taste. In addition to the terroir, many salts are flavored in various ways: some are smoked, others are mixed with herbs or other aromatic components.

All of us at Cardullo's are very excited to now offer a large variety of artisinal salts in our store, and on our website. Click the image above to jump to our Salts and Seasonings page. Many of the product pages contain serving suggestions. You may also want to check out Mark Bitterman's blog,, where he takes in-depth looks at many diferrent kinds of salts, and provides recipes employing those salts.


Happy Seasoning!

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