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Lucero Olive Oils and Lucero Balsamic Vinegars

Posted on 08/30/2012 at 03:1 pm by Cardullos
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Our Lucero products come from third generation olive growers that live in a rural community of Corning in California.  Corning is known for consistently producing the country's most delicious olives down through the years; it is know as “The Olive Capital.  Corning's century old trees are some of the oldest olive trees in the state, and many thrive in our family groves.  Lucero has been making more and more of its top shelf Olive Oil year after year.

Although Lucero is highly known for its superb quality olive oils, it also produces a very high end balsamic vinegar.  If you haven’t tried balsamic vinegar then you are in for a treat.  Designed from the original in Modena, Italy ours has a New World flair and is made with handcrafted, all natural ingredients.  Our Lucero Balsamic Vinegar is full and rich with a subtle hint of spice to the taste.  Use it with Lucero Olive Oil for dipping  or drizzle it over desserts, fruits, salads, or ripe garden tomatoes.  You can even try this recipe for a Muffuletta Panino that has a nice Arugula side salad that uses both.

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